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  W E B S E R V I C E S    C E N T E R – Technical Support

Technical Support

If you are experiencing difficulties directly related to the WebServices Center, please review the List of Common Problems BEFORE issuing a help desk request.  If you find your issue listed and still need assistance in resolving it, feel free to contact the help desk.  Please make note of the article ID number related to your problem which will speed up the resolution process.

Business Hours Support

The City's help desk is fully staffed during regular business hours and will be happy to assist with any business related technical support needs.  You can reach the help desk at the phone number below. Please be patient as we must prioritize our help desk requests.  Mission critical applications and functions always take priority.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:00pm
Help Desk: (954) 828-5555

After Hours Support

Our 24-hour Help Desk is designed for emergencies only. We request that you become familiar with the WebServices Center and its applications, including OWA, during business hours so that we may answer your questions in a timely manner.   If you have an after hours support emergency, please call the main Help Desk number and leave a detailed message including your full name, department, return contact number and a general description of the problem you are having.

Outside Support

If you are experiencing problems with the WebServices Center from a connection outside of the City network, please try the following:

  • Check to make sure you are connected to the Internet. Open Internet Explorer and see if you can access any other web site not related to the City.
  • Check the version of Internet Explorer you are using. This can be done by opening Internet Explorer, click on the Help menu, and clicking on About Internet Explorer.  You are required to have Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher with a Cypher Strength of 128-bit, also known as 128-bit encryption.  You can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the section below.
  • Check the List of Common Problems.
  • Write down any error messages.
  • Write down the Windows operating system version of your PC (Windows 95/98/ME/2K/XP) and Service Pack level.
  • Write down the speed of your PC processor, amount of internal memory (RAM), Internet connection speed (if known), and type of Internet connection (56K modem, ISDN, Cable Modem, DSL).
  • Submit all information gathered to the HelpDesk. A technical support person will contact you at your home or office the next business day during business hours.

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer 5.01 and higher are the only web browser versions that allow OWA to function to its full potential and the only web browsers supported by the City.  For security reasons, your version of Internet Explorer is also required to have a Cypher Strength of 128-bit, also known as 128-bit encryption.

If you wish to install the latest version of Internet Explorer on your home PC, click on the logo:

Get Microsoft Internet Explorer


Note: The City will not support the installation of or problems associated with Internet Explorer on your home PC unless they are directly related to OWA.

AOL Users

It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer for accessing the IT WebServices Center.   It may still be possible to use the AOL browser for access, but if any problems are experienced, it will not be supported by the help desk.

How to use Internet Explorer with an AOL connection:   After logging on to AOL, launch Internet Explorer and then type in the address to the WebServices Center.

Logging Off

It is HIGHLY recommended that you close OWA and the Web Services Center by clicking Log Off. You will need to log off of both separately (i.e. you must log off two times).  Log Off can be found on the Shortcuts bar for OWA and at the navigation area (left column) of the WebServices Center.

When you are finished with your session on the IT WebServices Center, it is very important to close ALL web browser windows that were opened with your access to this site.   We have added additional security to prohibit un-authorized access, but failure to close ALL session windows could potentially result in someone else gaining access with your account.  Please use extra caution when connecting from a Public location.


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