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Business Hours Support

The City's help desk is fully staffed during regular business hours and will be happy to assist with any business related technical support needs.  You can reach the help desk at the phone number below. Please be patient as we must prioritize our help desk requests.  Mission critical applications and functions always take priority.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 5:00pm
Help Desk: (954) 828-5555

After Hours Support

Our 24-hour Help Desk is designed for emergencies only. We request that you become familiar with the WebServices Center and its applications, including OWA, during business hours so that we may answer your questions in a timely manner.   If you have an after hours support emergency, please call the main Help Desk number and leave a detailed message including your full name, department, return contact number and a general description of the problem you are having.

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